The Decision

On Friday the 7th of October 2016, I have made the most drastic and at the same time the best decision in my entire life. Why the best? Well, because it was entirely mine. Not influenced by other people’s opinions. I also didn’t think about the aftermath – what will the people be thinking once they find out. I was extremely apprehensive to do this. But in the end I made the decision overnight. And I don’t regret it … yet. I mean for all I know I could have been stuck there for three years and come out with a frown and nine less grand in my parents bank account at the end of it. I dropped out from college. Not forever, I can guarantee you that.

And this is the point of this blog. I will record my gap year and how I find my way in my life, because I know I’m not the first one who made this “horrid” decision. And definitely not the last. And if you’re rich it will probably not be as hard for you. I mean it definitely will be hard (or not – depending if you have your whole plan figured out), but it won’t be hard in the same way as for the rest of us – the grey people.

I found myself at a split in the road and now I must choose my path. (Apologies for the cheesiness of this line). And you may be thinking, something a long the lines of ‘BIG DEAL!’. Well, it kind of is. It isn’t a big deal because of what you decide. It is a big deal because the society DOESN’T expect you to do it. Especially the girl who got 475 points in her leaving cert. Especially the girl who wished and prayed to be out of that horrible place called secondary school. Especially the girl who thought she had it all figured out … about thirteen times during that time.

And then you’re probably asking yourself why? For the answer to that question I guess you will have to wait. But the point is, even though I made this decision overnight I’m pretty sure it’s the best decision I have ever made.


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