Money, Money, Money

So applicable …

Okay … so … what is this job thing you asked?

My plan for the gap year was to get a job. Well, I honestly thought it would be slower than that.

On Wednesday – the week of the decision – I send out more than fifteen CV’s to firms all over Dublin – within my travel distance of course. Anyway, I send them mostly to places like Tesco, Topaz, different Hotels and Fast Food restaurants. I also sent a CV to Red Fundraising. For those of you that don’t know it’s basically a firm that looks for permanent donors to specific charities.

About ten minutes before my last lecture on Thursday I received a call telling me that they have some part time work openings and asking me when am I available to come in for the interview. After literally no consideration and thought I agreed to come in the very next day. (Now you know what I mean by slower). I went in thinking all the casual and normal thoughts – ‘There is no way I’m going to get this job.’ or ‘ The interview is a great experience on it’s own.’ or ‘I’m hungry.’. Although let’s be honest – the last one is our constant thought. (And yes I said ‘OUR’). Anyway I went in greeted the manager, after waiting half an hour, and the inquisition began.

So, if I would be the interviewer, I would probably kick me out during the fifth sentence, for constant repeating the same words and referring to the same experience, i.e. school. Seriously, there was no sentence in my answers without at least three ‘like-s’, five ‘um-s’ and at least one ‘yeah, um … that’s … that’s it.’. However, she was nice. So she sat there listened to me while I tortured the English language, smiled and nodded.

And then at the end of the interview I expect her to say something like, ‘Well, it was nice to meet you, we will inform you shortly of our decision.’ But instead I get, ‘Okay so I need you to come in next Tuesday for your training and if you do well, we will sign the contract.’ and then my jaw dropped to the floor. I mean what the F just happened? Like you do realize you are talking to Kamila Jarek – the shyest of people in the entire freaking universe! As I slowly picked my jaw up and sculpted it back into a massive smile because for some weird reason nothing else seemed to work, she explained her decision. She said that she thinks that I am determined thus she thinks I deserve the chance. And in my mind I’m like, ‘Dude, you don’t even know how determined I am!’. But obviously I didn’t say that to her. Instead I said something along the lines of ‘Mhm’. while trying to calm my smile down.

So, there you go – I got a job on the same day I quit college.

And now you’re probably like, ‘is she finished yet?!’. And no I’m not.

So, on Monday I went to Social Welfare to ask for the Job Seekers allowance just in case if I didn’t get the job.  Anyway just when I came out I got a text from McDonald’s informing me that my interview is tomorrow. Great! That meant that I had to choose. It was either a nearly definite chance of getting a job where you would have to walk around houses at night in wet and cold weather and talk to mean people. Or not a definite chance for work at McDonald’s.

And as the smart and intelligent young human being I did what I do best and panicked! The first thing I did was, rang my mother. She – as the scared mum – obviously told me to go to McDonald’s. And as an intelligent (sarcasm) person I did.

Long story short – it’s now officially a week after I quit college and the only thing I can say is: I QUIT COLLEGE TO WORK AT McDonald’s.


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