The people we don’t choose

Right, … in advance I apologize to anyone who will be potentially hurt in this blog post.

(Disclaimer: No one was actually hurt in order for this blog post to be written.)

As I mentioned before, I am Polish. (Witam!) Not only does me living in Ireland produce some wonderful opportunities, also it’s technically a curse. Literally, imagine three evil witches standing around a bin-fire and creating some evil spell to hunt me forever.

I live in Ireland, but of course not alone. I live here with my family – which includes my mum, my dad and my brother. And now your probably like, ‘Kamila, you have a very tiny family, I feel so sorry for you! If you want I will give you a thousand hugs and euro.’. And if that’s the case – which let’s be honest, it probably is, then, I actually have an average sized family and I’ll take the cash but not the hugs because … eww germs.

“But then where is the rest of your family?”

It’s in Poland dummies! 😀 And whose your closest family other than your parents and siblings? – Your GRANDPARENTS! And this is what we’re going to be talking about today. (By the way – sorry about the long intro)

Okay, so my Granny has passed away into the better world a few years ago, which left my Granddad all alone in this huge, empty house. And I get it – it get’s lonely but does that mean, that I don’t have a right to choose?

In Grandpa’s ideal situation I should be studying where I was born – in a small city called Kielce in Poland. The fact that you cannot recognize the name of this city is a reason itself for me not to study there. But my dear, loving, slightly irritating Grandpa doesn’t take my preferences under his consideration. If he would have full control over my future, right now I wouldn’t be writing this. I would be writing some lab report due for tomorrow from biology. Right now, I would be in my room – IN POLAND – preparing for the world of medicine and getting ready to go out to the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

Okay, let’s pretend for a while that this university actually has some opportunities for me to complete a good course – that I like – and then later on end up somewhere with prospects to move to America (not necessarily to the US since Trump and Clinton want to ‘Make America Stronger, Together’). But Canada perhaps? Or if not America then maybe Australia. I haven’t precisely though this through yet. Anyway, imagine me going there with a Psychology degree from that University.

Would I be able to work anywhere?

Yes! Polish Psychological Institutions.

Anywhere else?



Because, my dear you wouldn’t know any terms in English – so how do you expect to work in an English speaking country?

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I mean I could do an amazing course – gain wonderful knowledge there but in the end I still want to live outside from Poland, not necessarily far but like in a different continent would be great! 😀 The thing is I personally don’t see any prospects for me in Europe. I mean it would be great, if I would know at least one other language fluently – but that is hardy ever going to happen. And I’m not saying that Ireland is a dead hole – in fact it is the very opposite. But Poland is. It’s a place where the rich get richer and poor poorer – in my opinion. Besides you take a single look at the government and automatically want to run as far as possible from it.

The thing is that my Granddad doesn’t understand that. My parents gave me this incredible opportunity of knowing English fluently, and I’m meant to waist it in Poland?! Don’t you think that’s a bit ridiculous (by the way can we just appreciate that I for the first time ever, just wrote this word correctly 🙂 )?

But, I told my Grandpa this. I explained everything to him. All my reasons and plans. And I swear I did it as nicely as possible.

But what are Grandpa’s for?

To make your life a living hell?

No! To find solutions to your problems.

So because I told him that I want to do a course in English, he found out that you can! YEY YEY YEY YEY YEY YEY ! The only problem is that it’s in medicine – the last course I want to do.

But okay, let’s say that I want to do it. But can I? Just because it is in a shity college in Poland it doesn’t mean they drop their standards low. In fact their standards are very high, which simply makes me ineligible to this course.

But my Grandpa simply doesn’t see that. Neither a year ago when this idea sprung to his mind, neither when I got into the college here and I began attending it and definitely not now – that I’m choosing again.

And for your information, I love my Grandpa – but seriously Image result for enough is enough gif


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