First day of misery in my life … or not?

Well it was … interesting.

Let me begin with a little rant called; Dublin F-ing Bus.

So I don’t know about you, or where you live but in Dublin we have Dublin Bus. And let me tell you one thing … it only comes on time when you’re not in a rush. Honest to God, it never came on time when I desperately needed it to, and the twentieth of October was no exception.

I decided that it would be best if I go to the closer bus stop, instead of the first one, in order to save time. Well, I’ll tell you what, it was a marvelous idea. The bus came about twenty minutes early – I saw it driving away.

(Oh yeah, when I was talking about the buses not coming on time I didn’t mean only – late.)

But that’s not it! Then, the next bus was late!!!

I mean are we living in the freaking 19th century and are free to be late anywhere because our horse was ‘broken’?!

Anyway, finally when the bus decided to show up I got on and began my stress journey, essentially caused by traffic jams. Luckily I got there just in time.

And now your probably like , ‘Kamila, when will you tell us about your first day at work?’

And ‘don’t you worry your pretty little mind’, I’ll tell you everything right here and now.

Okay, so I came in, straight away didn’t know where I was supposed to go, so I asked. A very nice lady, showed me the way and I began my journey in the world of misery – which they call WORK. I changed in the tiniest dressing rooms you have ever seen. Then we (me and two other guys starting their job with me) were given another health and safety course where basically the manager read a piece of paper and ticked a few boxes which then we just had to sign.

When she brought us into the kitchen I felt brave enough to say yes to the first task she showed us – the fryer station. And trust me … it’s not as easy as it looks. But after asking her a million questions, I was able to proceed with the tasks given to me quite quickly. I was really proud of myself. Now, while I was doing that, the guys were trained on the sandwiches.

After four and a half hours of hard, hot and excruciating labor. We went on break. Let me just say that the fact that I didn’t eat my free McDonald’s meal, was shocking for everyone present. They were like, “You’re giving up on FREE FOOD!!!???” And no, I wasn’t. I was giving up on unhealthy McDonald’s food for over a year and I wasn’t going to break the promise to myself.

After break, I got a taste of the sandwiches. (Not literally) Well, let me tell you what. Whenever you order any chicken order, have some understanding for the workers – because it is NOT easy. There is about twelve different combinations that you have to remember including different buns, souses and toppings. And to top with all that the person who is in charge of the sandwiches, is basically responsible for all the orders to be shouted out to all the other stations.

Finally it came to the end of the day. Imagine that you have just completed a pilgrimage through the desert. You end-up smelling of sweat, (in my case also food), your sticky and your feet seem to be falling off, of your legs. (THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION!).

So was it misery? Well if you think of eight hours of experience, chatting with people, learning weird facts about McDonald’s and escaping burns as every possible move, as misery … then yes. But for me – personally – I liked it.

What I didn’t like is that I only got two days of work in a week!

Thus, I’m going to keep searching – and maybe I even found something already … but for now let’s keep that a secret.


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