Second – firsts

Okay, so the last time I mentioned, that there could be another opportunity for me to work somewhere else. Well, that opportunity actually happened and thus today I had my second – and last – day of training.



For those of you that don’t know it basically a corner, grocery shop including hot deli – where I was trained.

So, yeah it was pretty much the same as McDonald’s … except it wasn’t.

First of all, the amount of Polish people in there is incredible. Seriously, it’s basically as if you took that store drowned it in Poland and placed it back in a small, weirdly populated, very well educated and deeply underemployed, place called – Tallaght.

The positive of this – people are (mostly) nice. The negative – there is more cursing than in a down-town, secondary school. Its like they don’t know any other words than F**k and other variations of this … except in Polish. But this – is what I expected.

What I didn’t expect was that I would discover my disability there. Yes, everyone LISTEN carefully because I have something to tell you; I AM DEAF! (by the way isn’t this a funny irony I created there???) But only six hours a day and while taking orders. And technically it’s not my fault – it’s the ovens and the customers. I swear it looks they do it on purpose.

So, I need to say McDonald’s is worse on like about seven levels. (But more about that later). The one great thing here is that I get to actually understand what I’m doing before I’m actually doing it. Not automatically thrown on the deep end and told – “WORK!”.

Now, funny anecdote time; so I was working for, I don’t know .. about four hours, and the lady teaching me suddenly reminded herself that I need to go on break. So after apologizing to me for about five minutes she let me go. Break – nothing special bar the fact that I got free lunch from there – which I had to make myself, might I mention. When it was over however I went out – or at least attempted. 🙂

(Background – to get to the canteen you need to go through a pin-locked door (which is usually open) and then up the stairs and through another pin-locked doors (which, again, are usually open. )

If by now you haven figured out what happened, then as the kindest blogger EVER I will inform your dummy little mind.

I walked out. The doors upstairs were closed so I clicked the button to open the door. then the doors closed themselves. I walked down just to realize that the doors were closed, and this time there was no “open door” button. And because I didn’t know the pin I got stuck. You could say in the in-between. But at least after that we had a good laugh, when Steven – a Chinese guy – opened the door when a delivery man heard me knocking on it.

Anyway, the second day was a lot harder as to the load of work. However, the tasks weren’t particularly hard.

So, will I get the job?



I don’t know.

I won’t know till I don’t know how long.

But for now, I’m still OFFICIALLY working in McDonald’s so … umm shhhh 🙂


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