The Real Talk.


Just two days ago I got into a fight with my dad. – You don’t need to know the details. But it was about something as little and stupid as a toothpick.

The point is that I gave out to him for pretty much the same things that he gave out to me. It was like a never ending cycle.

I was incredibly upset so I asked my friend to cheer me up. He did. But then he started talking about his own dad.

I realized that us teenagers/young adults, use this phase quite a lot when fighting with our parents, “Right now I could be under the bridge, somewhere, doing drugs, having sex, steeling and breaking others property and you are giving out to me about a toothpick?!”

And don’t get me wrong, I think this is a legit argument. But if it works for us why shouldn’t it work for our parents as well? I mean (depending what situation you have at your house) I think I can say, that even though, your dad or mum are giving out to you because your room isn’t clean, you got a bad grade or you got out of the house at night, they do so because they care and love you. (P.S. whatever love means).

Now, couldn’t we say this,

“You could be cheating on the other, you could be drinking your head off every evening, you could’ve made me work for my own food and clothes since I was sixteen, you could’ve beat me every night I came home late, you could’ve done drugs and forced me to do some too, you could’ve not been there for me – you could’ve abandon me.

But you didn’t.”

The thing is, I was selfish. I didn’t think about what my dad felt. I mean, I though I did. I though I understood him. But just as I feel that he never understands me, the thought of the opposite never even occurred to me.

And it’s sad.

I thought that I was the victim. I though that my life sucked. That my family is embarrassing.

I was wrong. But that’s okay. Because, now I know that.

The question is,

Do you?


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