The little things

As cliche as this is, we will talk about the little things today – because that is what really matters.



Today I feel particularly … positive. Thus, I will attempt (probably miserably failing) to inspire you … or at least to create a smile on your pretty face.

Okay, so what did you do today? Did you get up from bed? Yes? Well then I’m proud of you not everyone managed to do that. You must have picked up your phone, or tablet or laptop in order to read this. So there’s another success in your pocket. 

Your probably wondering why on earth would I consider something like brushing your teeth a success. You might even think I’m unreasonable or stupid. And I guess you’re right. But since I’m no Trump – I can’t cheer over the fact that I managed to convince more than half of America to vote for me. So I need to cheer over other things. And so do you. 

Listen, I get that many of you would like to be proud of your achievements – but your not going to win the match every time and your not going to get the golden star for cleaning your desk every Friday. So you need to learn how to appreciate the tiny successes in your life because otherwise you’ll become my dad. 

Everyone is prone to negative thoughts. Like when you loose a game you will tell yourself that you suck or at least you will tell yourself that the ref sucks. 

And that’s okay for the first 23 minutes of the post game time. But later you need to put your head up and be proud of yourself. Because you gave it a shot. You didn’t back out out of fear. You even attempted to score a shot. You were there on the field while the others just moaned on the bench that they could’ve done it better. You walked out of that field with your head up high even though your ankle has been beaming with pain. And you had enough honour in yiu to congratulate the other team. 

Thus you should be proud of yourself!

Now, once you learn how to be proud of the little success, you need to start appreciating the little things. 

Like for example electricity – I know it’s a big thing but we still don’t appreciate it enough. 

Now for real little things – think about your window. You get daylight from it. You can spy on people and stare at the sky for as long as you want through it. You can always open it and get a little bit of fresh air or you can keep it closed and hide from the world. 

Pick one thing in your room and then think about how useful it is. And then appreciate it. 

Picture : not mine got it from Google. Did I just admitted to stealing ? No one reads my blog anyway . . . 


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