Isn’t this the most annoying question ever?

I mean we can ask it about anything. Why is your name Bob and not Mary? Why are girls girls and boys boys? Why am I writing this, even though it has nothing to do with what I’m actually meant to write about?

But the question we are going to focus on today is ; WHY DO I LIKE MY JOB?

And now you’re probably like, ‘Kamila isn’t this good? WHY would you even question it?’

And yes, I mean I think it’s good. But since I work in a SHOP, shouldn’t I be thinking about bigger things? Shouldn’t I be dreading going there because it isn’t getting me any closer to my dream (which by the way I still don’t know). While I enjoy spending my time there, getting to know strangers and coming back home everyday with a smile on my face, most people working there are counting their hours until their break and end of shift.

Is there something wrong with me? Or are they just working there for too long?


Now, I’m pretty sure that every kid does that, but my favorite games as a child were: priest and shopkeeper. And for the purpose of this I’m just going to focus on the latter.

So, I used to gather various items from around the house and pretend that my mums hairdryer was the scanner. I would scan everything. Then I would pretend that some codes wouldn’t work so I had to type it in manually and would use an old calculator for that … something like this … Image result for old calculators

Anyway, the point is that I took it very seriously – even though I had to improvise quite a lot. And even in my teens when I found out about the ‘self – service’ machines I was head over heels. WHY? Because this was the first time I got a glimpse of my childhood dream come true.

I always though that if something doesn’t work out with my plan of becoming an architect (a story for another time), I would become a shop  keeper. I always imagined myself to stand at a till and help others buy stuff. – However bizarre that sounds.


Well, maybe because a part of me will always have a weird shopkeeper profession fetish. Or, maybe  because I feel needed there. Or maybe because the people are nice, helpful and treat you like an equal and not as the servant.

The moral of this story my dear human beings, is not WHY do I, or anyone else for that matter, likes their job, but THAT they like it.

I feel like we have been raised in a generation that requires a reason for everything. And I think this is wrong. Because there isn’t a reason for everything. A lot of time we fear that if we don’t have a reason for something we’re doing it without any purpose. But some things we do, without thinking. Like we forget to make our lunch in the rush of the morning, or we we simply do not think about adding lettuce to our sandwich.

P.S. Sorry for the food references all the time but I have been making food for the whole day and I’m starving.

Thus, if there isn’t a reason for everything then …

CAN YOU PLEASE  Image result for can you stop gif ASKING ME Image result for why gif ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !





Thank you 🙂

Pictures: not mine got them from Google. Did I just admitted to stealing? No one reads my blog anyway. . .


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