The shortest post EVER!!! – totally not an allusion to the end of the world.

Since the presidential election is happening right now in the US, I thought that it would be a wonderful idea if I would talk about it. And why I won’t be moving to USA anymore.

A few days ago my dad said something so accurate that I simply had to use it. He said, “The US will choose either a cheater, liar and a scam as their president or a crazy/wacky/insane/deranged/cuckoo/lunatic (choose whichever you prefer) person.” Either way it looks like we will need to do some research on survival 101, because an apocalypse is coming.

Before this summer, my biggest desire was to move out to USA. New York and the massive attached houses surrounded by the beeping yellow cabs. Or the west coast where the Golden Gate Bridge open up the beautiful city of San Francisco. The easy to get Driver licence. The rush of the people in the morning. The quietness and eeriness of the less populated areas, like the Mystic in Connecticut or Duck in North Carolina.

The American Dream.

But since the country is now to be taken over by the wolf or the fox, I think that I’d rather give the Australian or Canadian Dream a chance. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think American as the place with the best opportunities. But I don’t think that the opportunities would have a nice background. It’s like you see a daisy on dogs poop – pretty but totally disguising if you zoom out.

So, since since the world is going to end real soon now, I decided to write this blog from my perspective of how will it look like.

Apologies for the artsy sty


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