This song has absolutely nothing  with this post apart from the fact that I listen to it constantly and that it’s entitled the same as this post.

Ps. Sorry for not writing for so long … but I’m not sorry. 🙂

Okay. Let’s begin this torture of yours.

As you all know I have started working in a grocery shop, with a hot point (a place where we serve hot foods and sandwiches) … another-words – deli. Now, since then, I have been trained on the Deli and now on the till. But I’m still a NOOB. Thus, I’m technically still learning.  But that’s okay. You won’t learn everything all at once.

And I get THAT!

The problem is – and now the unexpected – in nature. To be more specific – gravity.

The daughter of the Deli manager has broken her knee, and she needs an operation. And because the operation would be too expensive in here, Aga (the manager) is going to take her to Poland. Thus, I have to take over her shifts. And this means that I will have to close and open mostly on my own.

I am literally shitting my pans.

Stop Laughing!

I am scared! So. Freaking. Scared. And you’re probably thinking to yourself- it can’t be that bad. And I’m telling you it is! I closed on my own last week and I was so slow that I had to stay half an hours extra just to get things done.

And I get it. We have those times in our life when we are challenged (to say the least). But I have enough of challenges. I want a month of easy, stress-free work, where and when I get to learn things they way others do.

I am tired of being thrown down straight away into the deep end and hoping that I won’t drown. (Now you should understand the title).

Positive – tomorrow I have a day off, so I can relax while I prepare for another day filled with anxiety – Wednesday – DRIVING TEST!


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