Procrastinating 101

Just before I start might I mention that I REFUSE to be a part of this Christmas – already – mania!!!


Okay, now that we got this out of the way, we can focus on crying because I am the worst human on this planet.

The thing that I/my mum feared the most, was that I will do nothing if I leave college. And I’m afraid that the worst came true.

It’s not like I do totally nothing. But I go to work, I come home watch a movie and sleep. And if I have any free time instead of editing my book I find something more interesting to do. Like for example; texting with my friends, sleeping, cooking (which means burning things to the point where you need to call the firemen), NOT cleaning my room, going on walks, sleeping, singing and writing songs and sleeping.

Now, obviously this isn’t the case everyday. But it is the case 99% of the days. And I feel like me and the couch are beginning to become one unity.

I want to do something. I sign up to a club or classes for a language. But I feel like I can’t because I  have a shift work which means that no two weeks will be the same. And if I find something interesting that I could attend to, it’s either very far away, or very far away and expensive.

So, I need to make a change. And today I will start. If I can’t do things outside of my house then I will need to do things in the house. The only problem is that most of what I think about doing in the house – whether it’s cooking, baking, writing or reading is overshadowed by movies and YouTube.

Thus my plan of action is as follows….

  1. I will not let myself watch any movies until my work is done.
  2. If no.1. fails then I will dress up, go out and read/work outside – the only problem with that is that I need a working laptop to do that and for that I need money …. so we’re back to the beginning.

I need to get myself together, because if not in two months I will turn into something similar to this … Related image

Picture: not mine got it from Google.  

Did I just admitted to stealing ? No one reads my blog anyway. . . 


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