Firstly I want to say “thank you” to all ten of you that decided that for some weird reason my blog is worth following. Its pretty weird, even though there is only ten I feel obligated to say to you … don’t ask – my brain is a little human being inside my skull – I’m 100% sure.

TUESDAY 22/11/16

Now, I have worked in Spar for the past three weeks. And I cannot complain. The job is great. The thing is that I’m not so great at it.

But its fine – I manage. I go there nearly everyday. Its quite enjoyable. I don’t have those moments where I open my eyes in the morning and say, “Ugh … I have to go to work!”. Then again maybe I’m not that tired of this job YET. But after three weeks of college I was begging for more sleep.

Anyway, this work is basically standing. Running around the deli like a maniac is also a part – but that only when I actually work on the deli. And its okay – after all its work.

Thus I’m tired.

It’s honestly the worst when you end work at ten in the evening and start it at eight in the morning. Don’t forget about the wonderful source of exercise called – magically transport your human vessel to the place where you will be torturing it – otherwise called – walk to work.

And then you have the continuous worry.

Will I make it in time? I have so much work to do. I forgot to do this. And I have to go on till. But I don’t remember the codes. And what do I do if I print out the wrong receipt for the lotto? But there are ques on the deli and the till and she is doing the doughnuts and he is gone upstairs. And then I baked the apple turnover for too little and it’s a little bit raw. And I burned the chicken. I don’t know how to do the racking. Everything is always missing. I’m cold. My head is sore and I feel sick. It’s three and I still need to change the bowls, clean the trays, cut the papers, change the papers on the trays clean the glass, add water, clean the counter and sweep. I’m never going to make it in time.


WEDNESDAY 23/11/16

Today I woke up. This is an achievement. When I came to work not a lot was done but the buns were nearly ready and the breakfast was in the oven. I took it out(might I say for the very first time ever) and I laid it out nicely. Today wasn’t as busy but I got all of my extracurricular work done before the lunch. So after she went home I was able to slowly start cleaning up.

I finished cleaning TWO minutes BEFORE time!!!

Today was great.

I come home – soaked wet – I realize I’m sick.


Can this change of situation stop changing please?

Preferably stop on the good day situation. 🙂


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