Steven is the manager deputy. He is a Chinese guy … and he is … nicely said … he has his own way of doing things.

Okay, so i’m not the type of people that would rant often.

But Kamila, you have a blog … where you … umm rant.

Yeah, but that is because I need to have something to talk about. Besides, I’m not talking about ranting about topics of any sort … but rating about people. Another words – BITCHING.

Right so I attend choir – I don’t remember do you know or not. But, anyway a big anniversary mass is coming up and we will be singing and I have been asked to sing the communion hymn. And it’s not like I haven’t sang a solo before (or a duet as in this case) but this is a duet with a girl who has a beautiful voice and as much as I’m scared to sing with her I think of it as a sort of an honor.

And the last practice before the actual mass I  will miss. Why? Because of Steven. Because he has too small balls to say that I am required somewhere else at this particular time to the other manager.

Now, okay, I get it – I have trouble with talking up to people on a higher rank as well. But iI at least do my job.

You see I work in an environment, where teamwork is crucial.  There is two people on deli and one on the till. And if the ques get bigger on the till the person from the deli has to help out. But believe it or not, when you work on the deli you don’t just stand around waiting for the next costumer to come around – you actually do stuff!!!

And while I have to have four different salads cooked, take the order in, serve a line of angry teenagers and keep an eye on the oven to not burn the food he will take later for free. He just wanders around the shop and leaves the till un-watched.  So, when there is a customer I have to go on the till instead of doing my work.

Thus instead of doing MY work I do HIS!!!

And now your probably like …, “Kamila, you’re definitely over exaggerating.”

But, if so then why do five other people who work with him say the same thing?



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