More bitching…

  1. The boss – he is the nicest person ever. After all he did give this job to me … that has to count for something. He is strict (ex policeman which explains a lot) but in a nice way and he will always help if you need him to help you. But if you will steal he won’t leave a single thread on you. At the same time I think this is good because it puts people on their place and it gives some illusion of an authority to the workers. But he is a good human being … and that’s what counts.
  2. The health service – hmmm … what can I say about him? Well, first of all he is hitting on me. In very subtle ways but it counts. And in this particular case it’s not a positive. He always comes up with a new way to say that he has achieved something in his life – even though he clearly hasn’t. And I’m sorry to say this but as intelligent and handsome as he is – it’s just not my type. I eat cake and pizza – he rides a bike and combines two products (vitamin supplements) to apparently make something better.
  3. The deli mummy – she is great. She needs things done her way but her way is the good way so I see no contradictions. She is the  one who does everything and thus she is the manager. She is nice and helpful and she will always give you a hand when you need it. (A hug too – which is always nice). Technically she is my direct boss but she likes to forgive me for my mistakes. So I think I’m safe. What I’m hoping for is that I will make her proud and not embarrassed that she has ever employed me in the first place.
  4. The Chinese guy – you already heard about him.
  5. The wife – she is the wife of the other shops manager. She is really nice but like to stand around and do nothing while you have a load of work on your plate. She’s nice and chatty but dude, DO YOUR WORK ! And while you’re at it do it well please :). Apart from that she is the biggest sweetheart ever. I work well with her when I take control – nicely of course.
  6. The solider boy … or man – he is pretty much the only one that I’m afraid of. We never combine well in the work. Maybe it’s because I’m scared of him. Maybe it’s because he does’t like me. Maybe it’s because I use too many pairs of gloves or i tidy up too early. But I hope that I will be able to work with him at least once correctly. Whatever that means.
  7. Every other little human being that isn’t so little compared to me in this place of work – Everyone else is … umm … Everyone else have both advantages and disadvantages.

The real questions is am I adapting well?

You judge for yourself.


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