Story – Part 2.

It has been six months since we last saw each other.

I still can’t believe that he exists. And that he likes me. He is more than perfect to me and this is exactly what scares me about him. But its this exact thing that keeps this whole thing going. Its like our relationship is the engine and the challenge of us talking everyday and the fear that one day we will stop is what keeps it running.

And surly we need to oil it sometimes because it screeches – like a door hinge – but that’s exactly what Skype is for. That’s why we watch movies together. That’s why we walk together – with our phones.

It’s possible – I know – that it will all fall apart tomorrow  but who the F cares. We shouldn’t worry about tomorrow because today is okay. And we should cherish this.

So today I will surprise him. I have flew to Poland. I am currently in the “Pod Chmura” Hotel in Warsaw. Apart from my family, no one knows that I’m here. And this includes him. My plan is to surprise him at work. We have been taking about the fact that I will come over every night to the bar he works in so we wouldn’t loose anytime together the next time I’m here …. So I think it would be a great opportunity to start this habit.

It was sunny for the whole day – but it’s still freezing. After all it is the middle of Winter. I went out a little after eight and now I’m on my way to the bar. It’s actually his uncles bar and he said that it should be quiet today. He was planning on calling me and letting me listen to the music they play there – it’s an open mic night.

For the past three weeks I have been torturing him about the fact that I have written a song about him … or for him. IN POLISH! Which (by the way) is a big accomplishment for me. My plan is to make sure he doesn’t see me until I get on stage. If I’ll have to I will ask someone to write my name down on the list.

When I open the door the warm air hits me. The smell of vomit in the corner and the loud chatter of people lifting the whole atmosphere to the roof. It is not quiet. It’s very busy – but that just helps – I will be able to hide better.

After a long search for the stage, I locate it at the top of the room on my left. The bar at the back just to my right. It’s this old classical timber bar with bots of twinkly lights everywhere. Probably to add this Christmas touch to the mirror shelve at the back of the bar holding all the alcohol.

I squeeze through the people, already regretting that I wore a scarf. And reach the stage. There is no one on it.

“Would you like to sing?” asked a voice behind me. It was a woman with dark crow black hair. She was just a little taller than me but I suppose that it’s the result of wearing platform heels.

“Is no one else performing tonight?” I asked – shouting because I felt like she wouldn’t hear me otherwise.

Taking her hand off her ear she said in a neutral tone, “You can be our first.”

Is this really it? I thought. Suddenly my hands began to sweat and I physically felt the lyrics evaporating from my head. I nodded and when I did she grinned at me.

“Right then what’s your name ?”

“Oh No. Can you actually not say my name. Instead can you say that ‘You were wrong … it’s busy today.’?”

“Ummm sure …?”

With a crunched up face she went up onto the stage and announced me. Everyone looked weird at her so she continued, “Don’t look at me … look at her.”

She let me on the stage. Everyone cheered and I saw him cleaning the bar at the back, totally spacing out from the reality. Which mean’s that my little trick to get his attention sucked and simply didn’t work. But it didn’t matter because I was confident that he would look up as soon as he realized who was singing.

I played through the intro and then I began. After the third line he looked up – straight into my eyes. I couldn’t hold it. I grinned stupidly. He did too. I lost the next few words because he jumped over the bar and was walking towards me.  Maneuvering through the crowd of sweaty bodies.

He got up on stage and didn’t let me finish my song. He grabbed me and I buried my head in his chest – because this is as far as I could reach.

And then he whispered into my ear, “Is this the concert that you were mean’t to perform to me? Because I thought that it was meant to be a privet one.” And I felt him smiling. And I couldn’t help it, but smile too.



I feel like this is the funniest post I have written …

Ps. don’t mind me – I’m going crazy…


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