Time to be a liar …

First of all I would like to apologize for not writing for so long … but let me just say that this is the third time that I’m writing this and also I have been busy … not that you care …

Anyway lets get on with it.

January – it’s the time when most of us become the biggest liars in the world. The time when we can make hundredths of promises to ourselves, not keep any of them and not feel bad about it because lets be honest  … you would never keep them anyway.

And I know that about 0.00000000001% of the entire population that makes those promises will succeed in keeping about 0.000000000001% of those promises. And to those people I give a standing ovation. And if you plan on loosing weight, in my opinion the best way to NOT do that is by sitting on your ass daily and eating just a little bit LESS. Yet, this is exactly what I plan to do.

I think that if by now you don’t know what I’m talking about, either your an idiot … or a very very very happy person that hopes that I’m not talking about


But as unfortunate as it is – I am.

So this year I decided that for a change I will set some realistic goals. Something opposite to the hope of you becoming a millionaire withing 24h because you will wake up with supernatural powers and will become an expert at robing banks and such.

This is my list:

Number one : Take a shower every second day – already failed at it but lets just pretend for now that I didn’t.

Number two : Make a real attempt at writing the second book + don’t make it as crap as the previous one.

Number three : Actually write blog posts. This includes stop making excuses to not do it or for doing it so little.

*side note: I have decided that because my blog posts are short anyway, and even with that sometimes I struggle because I always try to reach a words count mark, I will write as much as I want or feel like it, from now on. And if that means writing three sentences so it will be. If it means putting up a picture or a 25 thousand word article on how annoyed I am on some irrelevant matter – SO IT WILL BE.

Number four : Loose four kilograms and a LOT of leg fat.

Number five : Sign up to something sport related. Gym counts.

Number six : Do some brain exercises.



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