Weird? Or …

Okay so I just booked my holiday in work and just after I did the coworker that I believe likes me did so too. And then I had this weird thought.

For the purpose of this I will call the coworker Bob and HIM as John.

* Disclaimer: If you don’t know about him read few of my previous posts.

Okay so it starts with the fact that me and Bob are on the same flight to Poland. And I try to stay away from him as far as possible but luck put us sitting right beside each other. And by luck I mean him being stuck to my side like a freaking duct tape.

So he blabs for the entire journey to me about healthy foods and then he asks is someone waiting for me at the airport. To which I reply that I hope so.

We end the conversation and after landing go our separate ways. So then I go to the exit.

I search for a familiar face, for a little piece of paper that would say my name. And I loose all my hope when I walk out alone onto the parking. 

Then I see his face and mine lightens up in light speed. And he is here. (John) And all I can do is run up to him and squeeze him so tight that letting go would be near impossible. And while all this is happening Bob is watching.

And then it clicks.  Suddenly everything makes sense to him. All those times she was on her phone, all those daydreamy smiles, all the clear rejections, all the times she clearly stated she was taken. It all led to this very moment.

And shortly he died because his heart was so broken – shattered into pieces when he saw the reality. ie.: the earth is round (a squashed sphere to be exact) and Kamila will never like a 30 year old in that way.


Although now that I wrote it it seems a bit extreme …


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