What’s wrong with people?

I was on the bus few days ago on the way to work – just like every other day. And on the seat opposite sat a woman which I presume, was the mother of the three hobbits that unfortunately positioned themselves beside me. Now, if it wasn’t their mother then I’m seriously concerned for the life of those hobbits.

Now firstly they behaved just as every other normal irritating family attempting to get to their final destination, otherwise called as hell hole 😀

But then the mother takes out a phone.

Now the thoughts running through my head were something like : she’ll call someone; Ohhh nice phone … even tho Sam is older it’s still better; I need to take a shower; I need summer; I wonder what is HE doing; I really need that shower; Is she going to take a selfy?

And then BOOM !!!! I was wrong. She was an intelligent woman. She knew that taking a selfy in a busy bus with her children roaring left, right and center “mummy milk” (okay maybe they weren’t shouting that exact thing), is not okay.

So as the incredibly intelligent woman that she is, she passed the phone to the middle in age hobbit and positioned herself in a cross leg, sucking long pasta lips, shoulders slightly forward and hands on her knee position.

Followed by what I can only describe as a photoshoot. Done by the very best, the one and the only, middle age hobbit himself.

Now its not like I never took pictures of my parents before. But it’s also not like they have especially set the situation up in the middle of such a particular location. I guess I would understand if there was something unique behind her like a funny add or a mesmerising landscape. But she was acting as if a he was  taking a picture for a dating website.

And as an extremely tolerant person I would have done nothing about this situation. Except I couldn’t hold it inside me and I wrote this. So now please laugh and hate … In the end your human to 😊.


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