Is this really happening?

So, the point of this year … as most of you know for me was to figure out my college degree (among other things).

And so far its been going slow.

How slow?

Hmmm let me think of good comparisons.

Snail Speed.

John Cage’s organ piece. (Look it up.) … Fine I’ll do it for you …Click here.

The three toed sloth.Image result for the three toed sloth

The slowest marathon time ever! – 53 YEARS!!!

Okay I think you get the idea.

Now the problem is that I was supposed to search up different courses and pathways. But weirdly enough this has’t exactly worked out as I planned. What I mean by that is that I kind of have an idea which way I will go but I’m not entirely sure what could I do after. And for the past few weeks instead of figuring that out I have been writing, watching movies, being a horrible person, singing, and texting.

And I get it. I technically don’t need this info now. But my family does because their (especially my mother) are going crazy which makes me crazy and then I’m frustrated and then their frustrated and then everyone is angry and then the atmosphere SUCKS!

So what I have decided is that I will decide this week. I mean its either right or wrong. And if it’s wrong then I’ll know … at least that’s what mothers say to their daughters in movies…


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