Stupid = Happy

Okay so I know it would be quite impossible for me to write this post without including this song so here it goes. ..

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Right so this is the real start.
Now the thing is that I am happy. However much I moan. And however much I say that I’m not. I am generally a happy human being.
Now don’t get me wrong that does not mean that I am not upset or sad sometimes. I have feelings you know and I like to think that I am very good at expressing them.
Like for example if you piss me off I’m not just going nod and be like, ‘okay’. I will react. In one way (roaring) or another (not saying a single word).
But the thing is that I’m happy. And there is very little that can change that for a long period of time.
Now the question that your probably want to ask is “how ?”
Or as I would … why? :d surly something has gone wrong in your life.
But to those questions I have a pretty straight forward answer. And it is that I am stupid.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I can’t add 2+2. (Even though as a slightly dyslectic person I have the right to). But I don’t know much about politics or history for that matter. I have bad memory in my defense. But I’m also not a fan of news. Why? Because I think it is that exactly that causes us to be upset.
I mean think about when you were about child ? Did you worry what your future will look like ?  Did you ever feel sorry for people in you country because they had a bad president?
I know I didn’t. Because as a child I was unaware of the problems. So there was no way for me to worry.
And now I come to work and a girl who I work with sighs every time there is something said in the news.
And I get it. I know that it’s sad. That some way or another it affects us all.
But it’s not like we can do anything about it. And the longer we over think the horrible things happening we will get down and sad and that way we won’t reach our full happy potential.
So even though I may not know some things. Or anything to be precise about this countries politics. I’m happy with that. Because at least I can walk down the busy streets in town. Head up and smiling.
It doesn’t mean that I’m confident – but that I’m happy.
And at least for now i wish to stay in that bubble.

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