Are we lucky?

Think about it.

I always considered myself a generally unlucky person. It was all my friends that got the great deals, the accidental extra stuff in order and got away with not doing work at school. When it came to me, I honestly was too afraid to even try and rebel because I knew that that would end very unfortunately – for me.

But just yesterday I received a package. In fact a double of it. So technically I’m lucky right? Because I got something for free. But the guilt is somehow eating me from inside out.

The thing is now that I finally had something “lucky” happening to me, I begin wondering if inside wasn’t lucky before?

I never had real trouble in school. I was raised in a family where my parents cared for me and my brother. I always had everything I needed … even more.

Shouldn’t I consider myself extremely lucky because I have a job, a roof over my head, food, someone I can talk to, a phone, fingers to type, legs, the ability to hear, sight, hamster?

Then again these are really the normal things. For me. Nothing special. Yet for a deaf and blind dyslexic person they would be like a cure.

I guess that, like everything, it’s all about the perspective. And while I consider myself lucky now. .. unfortunately I will forget about all those things in few hours and I will being moaning how I’m tired after two hours of standing and smiling.


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