Extreme sports … not so 101.

If you didn’t know this minor fact about me … I am the very opposite of sporty. In fact I would go to the lengths of saying that I am the very opposite of coordinated. Which means I have a problem with standing – yes standing for me is dangerous.

Like for example last week I was STANDING while singing in choir and just randomly suddenly fell. … do not ask me why – I don’t even know.

But now I have been offered by my work colleague to go into a cave. And don’t get me wrong … I have been in caves before –  views fantastic and breathtaking. But I guess the fact that I knew I was safe because there was a tour guide with me at all times, provided me with that air in the first place.

Now, I don’t know if you know but there is another way to see a cave. Not a large open spaced CAVERN  (because this is what it’s really called) but a CAVE – a tiny corridor like hole that goes down down down down down …. into the rock of the earth which we call crust.

Enough of the geography. .. get to the point Kamila !!!

Okay okay. ..

Well my friend’s friends go down into those caves. This includes helmets and ropes and being freaked out and wet. So they have asked her does she want to go and because I have encouraged her now she wants me to go as well.

The thing is she thinks I don’t want to go because I’m shy or because I’m scared. When in fact it’s neither of those things.

I mean yeas I’m shy and yes I’m scared but those things wouldn’t matter if someone I knew and trusted would be with me. I mean I know her for about a month and it would be her first time as well. And her friends – the experienced ones – I don’t know at all.

So now I am debating between the huge want to go and between the enormous fear of going there … essentially alone.

So what’s the lesson here … ?

Don’t ever motivate your friends.


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