My biggest current dream :

The freezer felt colder than before. I don’t know why but it seems to change its temperature every singe time I go in there. Natasha was stuck with Daniel for the glorious half and hour that I got to spend on my own away from the customers.

Even the idea of me taking my coat off seemed to be stupid. And unnecessary. I was cold and there was almost no one in the store. But I took it off eventually and put the phone back into my back pocket.

He hasn’t texted me for the whole day. I’m worried. What can I say … the last time he didn’t text me for so long he ended up with a concussion. And it’s okay. I don’t have to be talking with him 24/7. I think that it would be quite impossible. But I  just want to know that he is safe and he’s in one piece. I don’t think that’s too much to ask? Is it?

After turning the freezer back on, I bring the cakes trolley out and start the ovens. Of course Daniel is already counting the cookies to see did I leave one for him. As always for the past few weeks I take out an extra one so he wouldn’t moan. It’s scary how much that boy eats. And the scariest thing of all is that he looks like he doesn’t eat anything.

The sky has cleared and the warm yellow rays of the sun are beaming straight through the windows still wet from the morning rain.

Just when I put the cakes into the oven, a young couple comes up to the deli. And since I’m here – out in the open – I need to help Natasha. I go up to the deli and began putting my gloves on and at the same time asking the blond haired boy for his order. The usual: do you want butter? Any sauce? Etc. It’s funny how some people will tell you they don’t want and any sauce but then they say “Can I have ketchup please?” Like I just asked did you want sauce and you said no so .. ?

I was just about to ask him does he want any salads when just to the left of his blond locks of hair, a dark haired boy entered the shop. I can’t see his face just yet because the sun is too strong, but I could have sworn that I saw that shape before.

The muscular shaped but at the same time slim body, about a head taller than me and with his hands in the pockets.

He looked my way and I could just make out his grin. The large lips slowly departing as he makes his first move towards the deli. And then I see his face. He is beautiful. He has brown eyes and only what I can describe as a face of an angel.

But at the same time I seen him before.

On pictures. On the screen of my phone.

I gasp and swear out loud. I can feel Natasha staring at me. She’s probably wondering if I’m okay.

But I’m not. I am everything but okay. I would be closer to believing that I have three heads than that he will show up here today – now.

A million thoughts are rushing through my mind now. I can’t figure out is this even real. Maybe I’m so worried that I’m hallucinating. But the closer he gets the bigger his smile gets and suddenly my eyes are filled with tears while I run up to him, to fill his arms.

“I won’t let you go.” He whispers. Straight into my neck. The slight tickle sends thrills through my body. And I slowly relax as he tenses his arms around me. And as my tears slowly make an oval shape on his white T-shirt my heart slows down. The only thing I can hear now is his steady heartbeat.

“Don’t you dare!” I whisper back.


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