Doing four man’s job.

Okay, imagine that one of your colleagues get extremely sick, the other one goes on holiday and the third needs to take less shifts because of another job they have.

Now you are the only one left to cover their shifts + yours.

This is me.

Don’t get me wrong I really like my job. I like that I have a lot of free time, that soon I hope to be doing something good with. BUT – everything has both sides. And  as much as I like it, working even for few hours a day-everyday is tiring. But since I’m on two separate rosters my managers don’t see that I’m working none stop. One thinks that I have the weekend off and the other that I have the week off. Now obviously they know that I don’t but when they’re making the roster they don’t automatically remember or realise this tiny fact. So instinctively they put me in wherever there are gaps – which is everyday – and ta da – I’m screwed.

The thing is that as much as I want the money, lately I have had only one day if one day off. Now, I decided to grow some balls and say no. But still ended up working this weekend. Which, by the way, is very important for my family – it’s like Christmas eve. Except it’s our first Easter breakfast in the new home.

And I will be missing it.

So, if you want my advice – learn to say no before they will.


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