Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank each an every single one of you for being nice, or should I say, brave, enough to follow my blog. There is already 21 of you and even though some people would say that it’s “only” 21, for me it feels like the whole world is reading my scribbles. So thank you so very very very very much. 😊😊😊
Now, coming back to the post. My old neighbours with whom we (my family and I) became great friends, have decided to go for a trip for Easter. Originally they were supposed to go to Poland for two weeks but since the tickets were expensive – who would have thought that would be the case BEFORE EASTER ?! – they couldn’t. 

Anyway they have decided that the expensive tickets will not keep them in the house, so they have travelled to Cork for the Easter weekend. And it just so happens that they own a dog. And as a gigantic-dog-wanting-dog-lover-with-overly-pedantic-clean-freak-father I take every opportunity that I possibly can to mind or even be around dogs. And, as as a result we have this on our carpet right now. 

Okay, so now I have a dog. For a weekend -but it counts. The thing is that as with everything it has positives and negatives. 

Plot twist : the negative is not the picking up poops, wiping wee and going for walks at 6 in the morning. 

The negatives are the times when I’m at work and I cannot show my parents that I’m able to take care of her. It is the time when I want to hug her, lay on the couch with her but I’m not allowed. It is that with every minute my dad is convinced more that he doesn’t want to have a dog and I am more conveninced that I do. 

The positives are that I get free hugs (and licks). That there is someone always awake and excited when I come home – even at night. That I can talk to her all the time or no time at all and she will be there. That I can make fun of her – which makes me laugh – and she will love it because it’s how we play. That I love to pet her stomach and she loves it even more. Exercise that I need but I’m too lazy without her to go out. And those most mesmerising dark oak eyes. 

So, now I have to live with the fact that I cannot have a furry friend (apart from my hamster which even though I love it will never be as great of a pet as a dog) until I’m on my own and even then I don’t know will it be fully possible. 

Hope that this Easter is happier for you my friends. 


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