The kiss.

She saw him. 

Her eyes lit up like the forests burning in the summer. The tips of her fingers were beginning to itch. She needed some air. She needed to close her eyes and not see. That was the only way she would survive.  But every tiny flickering of his dark hair, slowly soothed his forehead. It brought her attantion to his eyes. Brown. Rich mahogany brown. She could stare at them for hours. There was something enchanting about them. Something that she could never figure out. Was it fear? But he was brave. So Goddam unhumanly brave. Was it kindness? Maybe, but that was more seen in his actions. Was it happiness?  But he gave all that away to her. Was it love? But nobody could love her. 

Her mind was filled with so many things. In between, all the layers of images of his beautiful face and feelings rushing through her heart which she wasn’t able to comprehend. Consumed by the fear that emitted straight form her heart onto her palms and forehead in the form of sweat, she forgot to move. She stood there shivering from the draft. 

Her vision was slowly beginning to dissappear. His face impaired by the most mesmerising shapes and colours she has ever seen. They were comforting. She slowly began to relax. And the tips of her fingers were no longer itchy. In fact she couldn’t feel them. Nor her hands. Nor her legs. Beautiful oblivion composed of obsidian consumed her.

And then she began falling. Like a feather. Floating through the galaxy of broken dreams and memories. 

She was safe. 

Suddenly, wrapped around the warmest most comfortable of materials. His skin felt like the most expensive cashmere washed in a washing machine. No longer perfect. But still something you would give up all your clothes for. His arm hair lightly tickling the back of her neck and causing the best discomfort she could ever ask for. 

When the picture of his face, of his soft large lips, of his nose, his eyebrows, his eyes, became clear, she took a breath. 

He said something to her. She couldn’t figure out what. She was too busy understanding where she was. People with suitcases, with piles of bags on trollies, and with single briefcases, were all standing around in a perfect circle. She was the centre of the attention. She hated that.  Her heart started beating again. Faster. Faster. She felt like it was going to jump out any minute. Blood rushed to her head. 

He said something again. She didn’t understand. How such a beautiful angel would apear to her. She had to touch him. Even just for a second. 

But then she was really flying. He thrust her up onto her legs. Not letting go even for a mili second. Good. She would collapse again. 

He said something again. She wanted to hear his voice so freaking badly.  She wanted to tell him how happy she was. But she was stuck. Like the cars in a Los Angeles traffic jam. Clogged. Like a sink. 

But she was safe. 


His scent was unbelievable. He was sweating. But she didn’t care. She liked it. It was this immense mixture of sweat, gasoline, deodorant and oranges. He must’ve eaten oranges for his breakfast. She loved oranges so much. 

And then her face was in his hands. He had the control. He always took control. That’s what she liked about him. 

Looked up at him. She was confused. Scared a little. No. Not scared. Anxious. What was he doing. She looked to his eyes for answers. But they were smiling. And then she couldn’t see them anymore. All she could see … feel … He took her breath away. She felt dizzy. What was happening? His lips. But … What? Her heart. Why was it beating so fast. Her eyes suddenly fell on top of her. 

His softness. His warmth. His strength. His ease. His delicacy. Him. 

She was safe. 

He wouldn’t hurt her. 

She pulled on to his jumper. She didn’t want to risk him being even an inch away from her. She didn’t have a clue what she was doing. 

All she knew, was that she needed, desperately to kiss him back. 


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