Okay, let me just say that this post is just about as overdue as my period.

What? I’m a virgin – don’t you worry child.

Ha! See what  I did there?

Image result for gatcha gif

Right. So let me recall the very reason I began this blog. And if your not blind then you probably managed to read the subtitle. I.e. “The Gap Year”

And we’re referring here to my college.

“Kamila !!! you seriously need to work on your intros. They suck! They’re way to long and sarcastic. Or whatever you’re trying to be.”

Thank you for that Sherlock.

So, the purpose of this year was for me to figure out what the F do I want to do with my life. Do I want to become a doctor? Like my granddad wants me to. Or maybe I should follow in my brothers footsteps and do mechanical engineering. Maybe I should make my mothers wish come true and become an accountant. Or do what my dad things I’m good in. Journalism.

Maybe I should just be who my childhood self would love to be – teacher, architect or a singer.

In the end however I still have no F-ing clue!

Because how should I? If all I hear is how my choice is the worst in the world. And that I want to be original thus I choose this. I.e. Multimedia.

For those of you who don’t know …

This is the structure of the first year …

  • Introduction to Social Studies
  • Imaging and Design
  • Sound Production
  • Multimedia Studies
  • Digital Video
  • Designing Websites
  • Writing for Media
  • Psychology, Media and Creativity

And as much as I don’t have a clue about anything of this sort I find these titles very appealing. The fact that all of these are based on continuous assessment only, makes it even more attractive. Imagine having no stress to have to sit in a crowded hall, full of sweaty teenagers and trying to keep a grip on your pen, while remembering what was that one very important thing, the lecturer said in the beginning of the year.

Multimedia is basically telling a story – whether based on facts or not, but with the use of all the different mediums. Including audio, images, text and animations. And for me this is fun. Much more fun then sitting at a desk all year long and counting.

As much as I love numbers – I have enough of them in the shop.

Now, the question is what can I do after that? And to that my dear friends I haven’t found the real answer just yet. I mean, I know that I have many options. But I haven’t decided which one is the one for me. And I think that it would be best if I would leave it for another two years.

Now, coming back to my decision.

Is it good?

How am I supposed to know? The last time I checked I wasn’t God.

Am I going to stick with it this time?

Well, the last chance to change my mind is still a month away sooo …

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