What would you think ? 

Imagine you made a friend. 

A real friend. 

A friend you never had before.  

A friend who you told your deepest secret to. 

A friend who you laughed with. 

A friend who you cried with. 

A friend who motivated you. 

A friend who told you and made you feel worthy. 

A friend who you wanted to spend all your boring hours with. 

A friend who you made plans with.

A friend who you thought was more than a friend.

A friend who made a thousand promises. 

Now imagine he was never your friend. 

You weren’t his. 

You were his toy. 
What would you think? 

“I hate him”

“I want to kill him”


“I want to die” 

“Why me?” 

“I’m such an idiot”


Because all I’m able to think is … 

“I’m wish it was all just a bad dream.” 

I forgave him. Because, yes, that’s who we’re talking about. Catfish. That’s all he was. 

Everything he said was a lie. 

And yes he had the right to make fun of me. After all I believed him – I deserved it. 

He didn’t even apologise just said that he understands… 

I guess I knew it was going to happen. I just thought that it was going to happen a little earlier than  a week before my arrival in Poland… 


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