Boy with the Rose.

He stood there. Balancing on his feet like the ancient weighing scale. Dressed in the summer clothes – he was already enoying the freedom he gained after finishing school.

He was never the party guy, but with her he fet like anything was possible. She made him do things he would’ve never dared. He broke the law. But only to impress her. His dad thought him that alchohol is not the answer. But she thought him that it opens a perfect world. A world in which there are no worries or monsters of time. She though him that smiling is what shows people that you are strong – even when your not. So, from now, he smiled all the time. From the morning to the moment that he closed his bedroom door and put the music on. Just to end up weeping softly into his pillow.

His mother thought him that it will be either love or it’s lack that will lead him astray. She said that no friendship is strong enough to break him. That was the kind of person he was. But he loved her. The girl. She was what everyone wanted. She was the ‘it’. So, why wouldn’t he love her? She made him better. She didn’t lead him astray persay. She just showed him a different road to the greatness of this world.

In three months he was going to start the first day in college. Law. Like father like son. That was the plan. But she showed him that he has his own mind. He didn’t realise that he was fascinated by the world or photography untill he met her. She done beutiful pictures. She thought him how to use the camera. None of his pictures where as good as her’s but it didn’t matter. He knew that this was the the way he was going to get her. Forever. He was going go to the same college. Impress her. Be beside her. Listen to her. Talk to her. Make her feel wanted. Make her feel his love. Imortant. He was going to prove that she was the one that he needed. It didn’t matter that she had bad reputation. It didn’t matter that she’d been in no relationships which latsted longer than two months. He was going to change her. The way she chnaged him. He was going to be the flame that set her and everything else on fire.

The rose.

It was three weeks. He didn’t understand how it happend. One moment he was with his grandmother. He walked over to buy some sigaretts and vodka for her to the shop near by. He was gone no longer than a few minutes. When he came back she was on the ground. There were was a mother with a screaminng child few meters away on her phone. He assumed she was calling the police. His granny was cold. Like he never felt her skin to be before. He had no idea what happened. But he knew that if only he didn’t go to that shop.

He slowly placed the rose on top of the stone. And droped three tears.

One for his granny.

One for his mistakes.

One for his love.

Bez tytułu


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