Well here we are again … 

Why am I such a girl ????

I just don’t even know what to think. I’m not over Him. Definetly. But then there is Mr. Gentleman. And with him, I am working. But I barely ever see him. But then I have this feeling like he was trying to tell me something over the past two days.

But he’s the goodlooking type – and these don’t fall for girls like me. I’m probably paranoid because of my friends opinion on the subject. But at the same time I can’t stop thinking what if… 

What if he was smiling at me when I purposely looked away. And what if that smile was meant to tell me something? 

What if by being stupid I will cause him not to like me? 

But what if he will like me? 

What if I will push him away like every other guy? 

What if I’m just buzzing myself up for nothing? 

What if I literally have no clue what the F is going on? 

What if he was just being nice?

But then whats up with every nudge and every time he came up to stand beside me? 

What if he will forget about me during the time we are not working together anymore?

What if I missed the chance of my life? 

What if I desperately want to feel something for another guy just to not think about HIM. 


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