The boy on the train.

Its was too hot for the jumper. But she didnt shave. So now she had to silently suffer because of her laziness. 

Seat 23 in wangon nr. 3. 

She went into it and suddenly she was found amongst the most confortable chairs she had ever imagined existed in trains. There was a man sitting just in front of her having what looked like a very important conversation over the phone about potatoes. 

She managed to drag her overfilled suitcase on top of the overhead shelves and clapped down on the seat. After unraveling of all the wires of her headphones she managed for once to connect to the wifi. Which was surprisingly storng. 

“May I see your ticket ma’am.” she heard a voice beside her. She looked to the left and all she could see were two black recangles the badly needed ironing. Slowly following the outline of a skinny male, eventually arriving at the face which indeed needed some razor and anti-aging creme.

“Umm yeah hear you go.” She gave him the ticket and watched as his wrinkles got deeper and deeper and suddenly a frown was unmissable.

“Your in the wrong seat, ma’am” he said. “You need to move!” he said louder. 

This made her jump a little. “Okay, okay.” she said. And once she managed to drag her backpack down from the overhead shelve, she proceeded through the wagons. 

The first then the second until she reached the third – in the second class – beacsue that’s where she belonged. 

25, 24, 23! And beside her seat was another one. This time it was occupied by no other than a skinny boy listening to music and looking straight out the window. She was already tired and when she looked down at his knees all she could think of was sleep. And when she saw his large hands the thought of them touching her head was overwhelming. 

“Hi!” she said. 


He had no idea that she was about to sit to him. When she lightly tapped him on his shoulder he looked up to see this little girl with red hair and freakles. Cute. He thought. 

“Hello.” she repeated in the lightest of voices. 

Immediately realising that she was talking to him he tipped out the earphones out of his ears. 

“Ummm, sorry did you say something to me? I couldn’t hear … I had my earph-” 

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she interrupted and sat down. 

“No.?” he asked confused.

“Can I be your girlfirend then for the next half an hour?” 


“You’ll only find out if you let me. You can dump me afterwards.” 


“Great!” she said bubbly.

He smiled weirdly as he saw her pulling out a many sizes too big jumper for her. 

“Can you lift your hand, honey?”

He lifted his arm. He felt as if she was about to examin his armpit. But instead she lay the folded jumper on top of his knees and her head on top of that and said, “Now you can pet me. Thank you” 

And without a single second of hesitation this time he placed his large skinny hand on top of her red head. And began soothing her hair as it was the task that would save a child. 


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