Ahhh friendship. 

Okay.. So lets just pretend that I have a friend. 

😂😂😂😂Kamila please I can’t breathe 😂😂😂

Yeah I know it’s a big strech but just try okay. 

Anyway let’s pretend I have a friend.

Now the ideal one would be if I would able to tell them everything, abuse them mentally and physically when it comes to their fridge and  be able to hang out with them 24/7. 

Now obviously that person doesn’t exist – apologies to all my friends ie. Myca and Przemek. Helen doesn’t have this bolg so no need to apologise. 

Anyway, if you have one of those then F you! Son!

Just kidding!😊

But serioulsy I feel like if not the distance that would be me and Baran. (His nickname). 

He is literally the most annoying(except from my brother – no one will beat that bastard) person I know. And I mean I work with guys. And they’re annoying as F. 

But he takes it to a whole new level because bar calling me names, continualsly telling what I don’t know and not letting me sleep he also never lets me win. And I mean I’m an adult. I can handle a chess game lost. 

But not 50 !!!!

And then when I finally win its beacuse he lets me beacsue I have a bad day. 

Aggrgeragagaragga !!!!!

But then he hates cats which makes my day when he talks about kicking them. And he is somewhat similar to my brother and he needs cheering up which takes my mind of all the crappy things in my brain. 

So I like him. 

Be warned : just as a friend. 


I swear to God if tonight he will wake me up at 1 I will serioulsy book a flight just to kill him. 


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