The Conversation Games. 

I don’t know if it’s just me being point blank socially awkward freak or is it that everyone does that … But I have conversations with other humans in my head.

Is that weird?

Kamila – you’re speaking gibberish!

Okay, okay let me explain. 

You know when you see someone and you’re like “ohh I like that person”. And then you’re like “I could talk to them !!!” But then you’re like “waaait but what could I talk about?”

And then let the conversation games begin. And may the odds be in your favour. 


When it comes to me they don’t go any further then my brain. And I mean this is the situation mostly with boys but also with friends. 

Can you just get to the point Kamila??? We are dying here. 

Well if you just give me a chance!!!

See this is exactly what I mean. Although the ones in real life are more something like this: 

I was at the till and Mr Gentleman was filling in drinks – right in front of me. And there was no one in the store. Perfect opportunity to have a little conversation.

This is my thinking:

I could say, nice muscles and then laugh a little. Then he would would say, well you know I have reseling Championships nearly everyday with my sister soo you know hehe someone has to beat her ass up. Hahah yeah I have the same thing at home .. except I beat up my brother haha. Oh yeah I see those muscles of yours haha 😁. 

Omg I am soo stupid. This will never work. He will think I am the biggest creep. I’ll better stay quiet. 

And then when he walks over to get something from the shelve behind me, it begins again:

Omg !!! This is the perfect opportunity to show him my socks !! He will think I’m a sweet geek coz their Menions. And he will laugh and smile at me with these beautiful eyes of his. 😊😊

Omg !!! I am such an embarrassment. 

I should better just ask him how was his day. That’s very normal. Omg !! In fact it’s so boring that he will fall asleep at thought of it. And then he will think that I am a creep because why would I even ask him we’re not even real friends. 😭

I should’ve talked about the siblings when I had the chance. Ugh and now he’s gone. Ugh. 

Right. So this is my thought process. And although I feel like it’s not an exact representation because I also imagine the actions face expressions and so on. But that’s mainly it. 

And it’s sad in my opinion because I will never feel confident to say those things. And because of that I will stay forever alone… YEY!🎉🎊


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