Singing in the rain.

Well, sometimes … I guess. But mainly on the street. And I don’t mean that I am one of those artists who set up in the middle of town, find a random plug in the middle of the ground, and sing covers. And people pass by admireing and dropping their annoying change into their dirty hats.

Nope that ain’t me my dear friends. 

You know that awkward weirdo talking to themselves at the bus stop. Yeah, the one who you will defiantly not stand beside in the waiting room. Oh and the one that will smile at a flower as if it were his liver ( hmm I was supposed to write lover but I feel like liver also does the job😂). 

Anyways – THAT is me. 

And you’re probably like “well there goes my follow for this wacko”.

BUT WAIT!!! Let me explain.

It’s actually normal. Think about it. 

You’re in a car on your own or with someone, and your favourite song cones on. So what do you do? You blast the shit out of it and your grandmas ears and sing it like you are the last rockstar on this planet. And it doesn’t matter whether you sing off tune, or if someone is staring at you, you will still sing. Beacsue your in your own world. You are consumed by the emotion. By the meaning that you figured out just the last time you listened to it. By the beat that evens out your heartbeat. By all the memories that came along with it. 

And this is me. Except I sing songs from my phone – not the radio (that, I have at work, thank you very much) on the street – because I don’t have a car. And since I only download songs which I like … I sing them all.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it where there is a lot of people. But sometimes I can’t help myself and I have to annoy the shit out of that passerby. 

But mainly I do it beacuse I like singing. I am happy. And nothing will change that – especially if the right beat is on.

And in my opinion that doesn’t make me particularly weird. Simply brave. Beacuse who the fuck cares what I do? Its a free world. And I as a free citizen am allowed to do whatever the hell I want. Whether that means to sing, stare into the space or fart in the public.  

They’re just gonna have to deal with it!


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