King Artur. 

Imagine you have muscles. And please don’t lie to yourself that you actually do… We all know the truth.

Now imagine that you are a very manly man. Boys once again, don’t kid yourself.

Now imagine that you became a soldier, went to Vietnam, came back studied physical education or physical therapy (sorry I don’t remember which), and now you ended up working in a grocery store.

That is Arthur.

What would you do in his place? How would you be? 

Well, I personally am scared of a butterfly… So Arthur defiantly goes into the same group. I.e. things that scare me.

But he is a lovely man. Seriously. He gave me lifts home. He helped me with a customer and at the till when I needed it. He makes me feel so relaxed at work because I know no harm will come from the outside of the shop. 

But will I stay alive inside is another story. 

He is smart. And that is okay. I pretty much only hang out with smart people. I don’t have a problem with being dipsy and unknowable around them. But being cocky about your intelligence is not cool. Even – especially if you’re ex-soldier. 

And honestly I didn’t see it that way before. Not until my friend at work realised it too. After working with him a lot more than 6h per week. 

And I mean there were times where I thought he was wrong. But obviously I would never even think about daring. 

So, in your opinion do you think that if he is putting himself on a pedestal that no one can reach – and its not because we’re all midgets at work(hmm although now that I think about it there is only three tall people there) but because he thinks he is better than everyone else. 

But then on the other side he always helps me. Gives out to me and helps me again. So maybe he is just honest?

Although he is terrible at parking his car. But then again, however awkward those lifts were, they were awesome because he has a BMW and he actually uses the engine. I can’t describe how much I love speeding. 

So maybe I’m exaggerating ?

-Well done Kamila- you’re a genius! 

Ha ha thank you for your support. 

Okay then. Let King Arthur be King Arthur.

For now.


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