Two more kg.

How do you feel after eating?

Great? Full? Bad? Happy? Confused? Worried? Thrilled?

And do you wait until your super hungry to eat? Or do you eat whenever you need to or when you are forced to?

And what do you do after eating? Sit down and relax? Go puke it out? Exercise? Cry?

Well let me tell you that you’re not the only one doing whatever your doing. I am not going to act like I ever had major problems with eating. That’s not right nor is there much point to it. However, I do see myself looking at food lately and thinking about my hips and then refusing to eat. Now because I love food it’s hard for me to be strong about it. But I have those days when I feel particularly strong and last without food or ages.

So does this means that I’m slowly going downhill ? Or should I think about it more as a hiccup? 

After all what can a little rumbling in the stumoch do …


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