9 Days.


How are you? 

I don’t know do you remember me, but my name is Kamila – I am the girl who started writing this blog. Yeyeyeye.

– No Kamila. Not YEY. 

Shhh. Anyways, do you remember why I started it ? Because it was surly not to talk about boys. Or give “wanna be inspirational posts”. Which is what I did mostly. 

– You mean boys.

SHHHHH !!! Anyways, let me remind you of the real purpose of this blog.

Okay, so the point was to talk about the gap year. And to some extent I did. I must say that I stand by the fact that it was the best decision of my life. Now at the beginning of the post I wrote that it was a totally independent decision. But that was a lie. I think I was still at the ‘denial’ stage. Because that decision was forced into my actions as you force that carrot poop into the babies mouth. And usually after that both of you get covered in orange gew. 

BUT in my scenario of things neither I, nor my “force feeder” got covered in any gew. In fact, the year off and the time to make money gave us more opportunities than ever!

First of all it gave me and my parents a calmness, which came with the fact that we will not struggle to pay for it. 

Secondly, the fact that I was able to find a job that will also do me for college is amazing. 

Thirdly, I found out who my real friends are. To not trust strangers on the internet. And to be yourself no matter what. (I’m still working on that.)

But ! 

– Why do you always have to do the but thing ?!?!? Ugh ugh ugh 

Because life my dear friends, beacuse life.*says in a very deep old mans voice*

So coming back to the topic…


I only have 9 days left. Beacuse as of today – the 12th of August – I have nine days to the day where I can get covered in gew. Why? Because the 21st of August is the offers day. This is the day when I find out whether this whole fiasco had any sense to begin with. 

And mind you my friends, I am shitting my pants.


Serioulsy ? …


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