The song– The lord of the rings: The fellowship of the Ring.

Today is a year – to the day – when I started wrting this horrible bullshit about my life.


Let’s see how I’ve done. What progress have I made?

Well I started with zero words, zero followers and 1 massive ambition / idea.

Now I have, an X amount of words – I suppose it’s a rather large amount.

I have lured in 53 followers – which is more than I have on Instagram and Twitter combined. (I just want to get a quick thank you to all who follow me. It seriously means the world to me.) Ps my twitter is @undecidedK soooooo ADD ME !!!


giphy (1)

Hmm what else??

A new Gif addiction.

A LOT less time to watch movies and shizzz.

AND most importantly too much new content that I am looking forward to sharing with you guys, because let’s think about it by now I have quit college already a year ago, and this year today I have paid the rest of my college fees.  Which means I’m in. With my full heart and soul. And hopefully I can keep this up for another year and hopefully I can fill these pages with stories (not only about boys – as I did for the past year but with stories about college, friends, happy and sad moments, memories that I haven’t yet shared with you and maybe even a little fiction as well as non-fiction about my opinions about topics that I have no clue about.

Because friends, all I want, is for you to smile once in a while – especially when your having a crappy day and I’m having a crappy day, we can laugh and cry together.


But I decided to change things up a bit so now (maybe not every time but mostly) I will put a link to a song which you should listen to while reading this. And you will always find it on the very top.

Including today ^^.



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