I told you so.

That is what my mum should say to me right about now. Or if not my mum my dad. Or my granddad. Or any other adult that I have ever said to,”I want to be an adult already” as a child.

I honestly feel like there’s no need to explain or justify or argue in any way that we all (unless your a child) want to be children again. Especially when our worlds crack and break and stress squeezes the last drop of sweat and fear from us. 

If there’s any word to describe my college experience at the moment it’s apocalypse, at the very least. Too many assignments, too much probability I will fail half of them and too little time to figure it out. 

Before I started college my friend told me to keep busy… Thank you very freaking much BEN!!!

I just need some time to think. But as I mentioned before life is a little bitch. Yes. The one with the blond ponytails smiling right at you. 

Did you ever step into dog poo? Now did you ever step into dog poo when you were on your way to a very important place? 

Or maybe you have spilled coffee or some other drink onto yourself just when you needed to look reasonable. 

Personally my favourite: did you ever forget something and were in more than deep shit because of it? 

Haven’t we all been there? All stuck in that heavenly pile of trouble-crap. And to think that in most cases an hour is all we would need to fix it. 

So how about take that one hour from that time you spend the entire night binge watching ‘Stranger Things’? 

AHA! But you can’t! – time laughs in your face and then he says, “should’ve thought about it before. Don’t make me say it!”

And you already know what it is… 


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